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Coffman Excavation 2021 Educational Scholarship Recipients

Updated: May 16, 2022

Our team at Coffman is very excited to announce the recipients of our $2,500 educational scholarships. These scholarships are given to four students who are either employees or immediate family members of employees.

Congratulations to: Katie McClean (Portland State University) Hannah Derwey (Portland State University) Riley Knutson (Grand Canyon University) Brandylynn Walmer (Washington State University)

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תגובה אחת

A HUGE thank you from the Walmer family to Coffman Excavation for their scholarship program and for always looking out for their employees and the communities they serve! Your generous program is helping our family build a solid foundation for the future. Thank you for caring about others and for contributing to such a worthy cause that advances the success of others. We are so appreciative and so proud to be part of the Coffman team!

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