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In 2024, Coffman Excavation will be providing four (4) $2,500 educational scholarships to students who are employees or are immediate family members of employees. To submit an application, please follow the instructions below, and return them to the Coffman Office by April 19, 2024. 





Request the application form via email at

Complete & sign the application.

Hand-deliver your application packet to the Coffman office in a sealed envelope marked "Scholarship Application & Associated Employee Name."

Deadline for all applications: April 19, 2024


Applications are confidential and not seen by Coffman Excavation. All applications will be scored by a third party; the results for 2024 applicants tabulated by the Propel Insurance Team, serving as a non-biased committee, will review and submit the top four applicants with the best results to Coffman Excavation to award the scholarships.


Coffman Excavation will announce the Scholarship Awards by May 10, 2024 and contact the awarded applicants at that time.

Coffman Excavation will process a check to the college institution, trade or vocational school that the recipient has been accepted to. In the event that the recipient does not accept the award or receives a full-ride scholarship from another source, the third party committee will re-convene and select the second-runner up.


Each recipient is expected to be honored on our company website with a preferred statement and photo (photo is optional).


Any questions regarding eligibility or the application requirements, please e-mail Jake Ausmus at

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